Gandhi Rural Rehabilitation Center (GRRC)

Anjaly Day care Center for children & adults with CP / MR

GRRC identified many children & adults with cerebral palsy and intellectual disability in Gingee taluk. The initiative was to set up a day care centre in the radius of 6 km around Alampoondi which is accessible to the community, especially to the poorer sections in society.

Anjaly Center with the help of 4 staff members supports 18 children and 05 young adults with physical & mental disabilities by giving them basic education and teaching them to be self supporting in their day to day activities of life and by giving (RON) Re Organizing Neurological exercises, speech therapy & other exercises to improve their physical and mental abilities.

By the help of this day care centre many of the children and adult gets improvement. It is great support to their families and community. This centre mainly helped and supported by friends from abroad. Behalf of Anjaly children, staff we want thanks to Mr. S. R. Elumali and others from gingee taluk. Mr. S. R. Elumali has Sponsor regularly every month one bag (25kg) of rice for our noon meal scheme and given a beautiful dress to all children and the staff for Pongal festival. This year many volunteers from France helped the children and spent most of the time with them.

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