Gandhi Rural Rehabilitation Center (GRRC)

Traditional Herbal Medicine Treatment Centre

GRRC continues to give traditional herbal medicine treatment for people from villages around Alampoondi. This treatment has cure for several illnesses and diseases with medicine prepared from leaves, tree barks, roots, flowers, dry fruits etc. It has remedy for many illnesses.

We treated 515 patients at our herbal clinic during this year. We followed up with 217 old patients and registered 298 new patients. Most of the cases were suceesful

as the patients got relief and cure. The herbs collected from the forest and purchased from the market and cleaned, processed hygienically and then used to make the medicine.

The list of Beneficiaries
Year Patients
2010-11 518
2011-12 424
2012-13 441
2013-14 337
2014-15 515
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