Gandhi Rural Rehabilitation Center (GRRC)


GRRC is working with the disadvantaged and under privileged village youth, children, women, widow and handicapped people since 1983.

Our main objectives are to work for rehabilitation of the disadvantaged and under privileged village, conduct adult education in villages and work for economic self-reliance of the society.

Our current activities are to identifying, treatment and rehabilitation of people with physical and mental disabilities and research and development in the field of indigenous medicines and plants.

Given below is summery of few different services we offer!

Community Based Rehabilitation of the physically and Mentally challenged people consist of two unitsDeepam Disability Rehabilitation centre for CP/MR and Orthopedic Disabled Which looks at creating a humane environment for the physically and Mentally challenged people to cope with day to day problems of life this centre is responsible for providing crutches artificial limbs and maintenance of crutches and limbs and helping get the government benefits entitled for the handicapped persons.

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GRRC after doing A intensive study of the communities around Gingee taluka Realized thatThere was a need for a day care centre for the mentally challenged childrenas the rural families did not have the time and resources to look after them so in most of the cases these mentally challenged children are maintain and give care from Morning to evening with good noon meal and provied spirulina juice, be traumising experience for the child, so GRRC started the anjali daycare centre in 1995. For More Details

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Spirulina is a Fresh water algae
Spirulina is a rich source of Nutrients, most of the
Spirulina cultivated is used in the day care Centre for the
Mentally challenged children and in the Herbal Clinic.

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This highlights the values of Siddha
Medicines and caters to all the strata of people at an affordable,
Contribution, day by day the patients coming to this centre is increasing.

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